What age is the haunted house geared toward?

This is the hardest question we get and unfortunately the answer is: it just depends. We have 5 year olds who come through with no problems and 50 year olds who can't get in the door.

So the answer is it depends on your scare tolerance. You can ask to go through with the lights on and this helps a lot of our guests to summon up the courage to enter. 

 Please also note that there are strobe lights and loud noises on the haunted house tour.  

What if I bring my child and s/he is too scared to go in?

We have lots of fun things to do - games, crafts, face painting, and a fabulous hypnotist (during the 6pm - 10pm session) for you to enjoy in addition to the haunted house. These are all included in  your ticket price. There will also be lunch and dinner items, snacks, and baked goods for sale.  So there's lots of other stuff to do. 

But just fyi, there are no refunds.

Does everyone need a ticket? Can my child go through alone?

Everyone who enters needs a ticket. The only exception is those 2 and younger. 

Haunted house tours are given in groups and there is an adult guide for each group. But we do ask that you take your child's scare tolerance into account before sending them in without you. Nervous children can ask for a tour with the lights on and this is a great option for those who are new to haunted houses or who are unsure about going in. 

Is the haunted house wheelchair accessible?

This is a decision that will be made on an individual basis. The haunted house is dark and there are obstacles along the way. So the answer is more often no than yes to this question. However all of the activities outside of the haunted house - games, refreshments, hypnotist, face painting, and crafts are easily accessible. 

We can't attend, can we still make a donation?

We love donations! Thank you for considering it! You can make a donation by following this link... 


or mailing a check to 


ATTN: Bobbie Webster

4201 Stringfellow Road

Chantilly, VA 20151

Just let us know if you'd like a receipt for tax purposes. 

I still have questions...

Please feel free to email your questions to chshaunted@gmail.com